Come and join us live from Harrogate and in Second Life (at AVALON Learning) on Wednesday 7th April for our Pre-Conference Event.

The main focus of the PCE day then will be to consider where we are now in the field of learning technologies and language learning and where we might be going. Have we reached a time when learning technologies are a ‘normalised’ part of our practice, or is there still some way to go? Are there any predictions we can make about the future?

We have asked three people—Stephen Bax, Scott Thornbury and Mark Pegrum—to help us with short focused presentations during the day at various points to seed the debate. Stephen and Scott will be in Harrogate, Mark will be online in Second Life.

Group leaders (in Harrogate and online in Second Life) will then work with the conference participants to support the discussion of whatever questions get raised as a part of the day; groups will then report back to the audience.

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