Trip to Mecca

September 6, 2010 from 9pm to 10pm – Starting Second Life island “Forum Europe”

It’s Ramadan and there are special events going on. If you are curious about Mecca and are interested to learn something about our neighbors, but somehow did not manage to travel there? Join us for a short trip into Arabian culture and heritage. Learn about the clashes of cultures …

We hope this is interesting for you. We will not charge for the events, but record them for research purposes (see our charity statutes for privacy statement). Register by replying to until two …hour before the event. We will provide you with the details and coordinates.

If you have not been to Second Life before, or are not familiar with the new Viewer 2 software, please come 1 hour earlier to check in. If you need assistance, please write an email to including your phone number, we will call you back.

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