6th Annual e-Learning symposium 2011, University of Southampton, 27-28 January 2011

AVALON Language Teacher Training Course in Second Life: Different Sides of a 3D World

Susana Lorenzo-Zamorano and Zeynep Onat-Stelma

28 January 2011

In this session we will talk about our experiences on a Language Teacher Training course in Second Life designed as part of the AVALON project (http://avalon-project.ning.com/). We take two perspectives: 

a) that of a tutor (teacher trainer) on the course, and b) that of a teacher participating in the course. From the tutor’s perspective, the session looks at how the pedagogical activities, as they played out in Second Life, represented appropriate and/or ‘effective’ responses to the course aims. From the teacher participant’s perspective, the session will focus on the main challenges encountered during the course and how, working towards an end of course project, these challenges were overcome.

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